At Darlington Middle School the chorus classes are structured so that each student has the opportunity to become fluent reading sheet music in order to enhance their musical experience as they mature.  Whether joining a community choir, the High School chorus, their church choir or performing in a musical; our chorus classes will have prepared the students for their next musical venture.  Students will have practice performing in front of audiences as well as their peers.  They will have the experience of creating their own lyrics and rhythms, performing on a variety of instruments and learning as well as creating choreography for a show choir setting.  They will learn music history and performers and audience etiquette.  Students also experience a mini Cotillion class where they learn the State Dance, the Shag, as well as various line dances and proper dance etiquette.  It is our hope that all students completing Middle School Chorus will leave with a sense of accomplishment, pride and above all else the pleasure of singing.