6th Grade Band

UPDATED AS OF: July 21, 2017


Beginner Band is for any 6th grade student who is interested in music.  This course is an introduction to basic music theory and instrument performance. No prior musical knowledge is necessary. Contact the school to register your child for band if you have not pre-registered for the class. There is a $10 activity fee for this class due by September 1st.

Supply List for 6th Grade Band
-1 inch BLACK 3 ring binder
-25-50 Sheet Protectors
-3-5 Tabs
-1 small pencil pouch with 3 rings
-Several sharpened pencils 
-Essential Elements 2000 Method Book
-Multiple reeds (clarinet/saxophone only)
-Valve Oil (brass instruments only)
-Sticks (percussion only)

Star Music will be hosting an instrument drive/rental meeting Thursday, August 24th from 5pm-7pm in the DMS Bandroom. Mark this on your calendar! This company offers quality instruments approved by the band director at an affordable price. They also service our school on a regular basis and can usually take care of instrument problems on the spot. If you choose to use Star Music as your instrument provider please be prepared to pay for the first month's instrument rental plus the specific package for your instrument.

Rental prices start at $18 a month (the average is around $25-$35 a month. Saxophones are higher.)

Woodwind packages are $50 and Brass packages are $40. Packages are a 1 time expense. They include the Essential Elements 2000 book, a music stand and either a specific ligature or a burp depending on your instrument. Flutes and percussion packages have not been determined yet but will be similar in price when they become available. 

If you are not using Star Music see below...

As a parent investing in your child’s music education, it is very important to invest in a quality musical instrument. So called “bargain” instruments, available online or at discount stores, may seem tempting; however, experience has proven over and over again that these instruments are truly no “bargain” at all. Most often, the low price is the result of poor workmanship and lower quality materials. These instruments usually break more easily and are difficult, sometimes impossible, to repair. In many cases, they cannot be played in tune and the quality of the sound they produce is very poor. It is disheartening to see a child’s enthusiasm for music destroyed by an instrument that does not allow them to reach their full potential. A poor quality instrument also affects the overall sound of the band, tarnishing the experience for all.

It is with these concerns in mind that we provide you with this list of recommended band instrument brands and accessories. We have found over the years that these instruments are durable, easy to repair, and will give your child the best opportunity to succeed as a young musician. (The brands are not listed in any particular order.)

Open holed student models of the same brand name are preferred over the ones listed below.
Gemeinhardt (e.g. 52SP, 2SP)
Armstrong (e.g. 104)
Yamaha (e.g. YFL221)
Accessories: swab, cleaning rod, polishing cloth (opt.)

Yamaha (e.g. YOB241)
Selmer (e.g. 1492B)
Accessories: 2-part silk swab, cork grease, Jones med. soft reed(s)

Leblanc (e.g. 7214, 7212PC)
Buffet (e.g. B12, E-11)
Selmer (e.g. CL301, CL201)
Accent Yamaha (e.g. YCL450N for wood clarinets)
Accessories: Hite Premier mouthpiece, Rovner ligature, swab, cork grease,
Vandoren “2 ½ ” clarinet reeds (Box of 10)

Selmer (e.g. AS300)
Yamaha (e.g. YAS23A, YAS23)
Accessories: Rovner ligature, swab, cork grease
Rico Royal or Vandoren “2” alto sax reeds (Box of 10)

Selmer/Bach (e.g. TR300H)
Yamaha (e.g. 2335A)
Accessories: Bach 5C mouthpiece, slide grease, valve oil
Mouthpiece brush, polishing cloth & cleaning snake (opt.)

French horn
Yamaha (e.g. YFR314, YHR314 II)
Holton (e.g. H602) Bach (e.g. 1101)
Conn (e.g. 14D)
Accessories: Bach 7S, Schilke 30, or standard 11 mouthpiece, slide grease, rotary valve oil, polishing cloth (opt.)

Bach (e.g. TB300)
Conn (e.g. 22H)
Yamaha (e.g. YSL354)
Accessories: Bach 6 ½ AL mouthpiece, slide grease, slide cream, mouthpiece brush, polishing cloth (opt.)

Yamaha YEP201
Bach B1104
Accessories: Bach 6 ½ AL mouthpiece, slide grease, slide cream, mouthpiece brush, polishing cloth (opt.)

Accessories: slide grease, valve oil, mouthpiece brush, polishing cloth (opt.) (Please purchase mouthpiece if using a school tuba)

Percussion Drum & Bell Kit
Ludwig M651R (rolling bag)
Extra sticks or stick bag opt., metronome opt.