Welcome Message

Welcome to Darlington Middle School
Posted on 08/14/2009


Mr. Eddie L. Shuler, Principal

Greetings Darlington Middle Students, Parents and Guardians,  
At Darlington Middle, we strive to provide an exciting yet challenging learning environment which faculty and staff takes pride in doing what is best for children and treating them with respect. Our magnet program offer skills that are innovative and relevant for our future leaders of the 21st century.  We also offer rigorous academic and athletic programs that foster the development of our students’ interests and talents. Additionally, we are striving for continued growth in parental involvement and communication between home and school.  We have a dedicated and highly qualified staff and enjoy a school that is safe, clean and supportive of a positive educational atmosphere.


Eddie L. Shuler, Principal ([email protected])

Michael VanTyne, 8th Grade Assistant Principal ([email protected])

Victoria Williams-Cooper, 7th Grade Assistant Principal ([email protected])

Kathryn Atkinson, 6th Grade Assistant Principal ([email protected]

Tammy Williams, Coordinating Teacher, Math & Science ([email protected])

TBA, Coordinating Teacher, ELA & S. Studies (@darlington.k12.sc.us)



Guidance Department

Lendora Jordan, 6th Grade

TBA, 7th Grade

Lucinda Brunson, 8th Grade