About Art
For information on how I grade your student's individual projects in art, select this document: Project(s) Rubric.pdf

For information on how your student's overall grade is calculated in art, select this document: Grading.pdf

To know your student's current overall grade and what s/he earned for each assignment, please log into PowerSchool. Missing, incomplete, or late assignments will have an indicator present. Some assignments may have a comment attached to the score.

For questions, issues, comments, concerns, or clarifications, you may reach me by e-mail (nena.mcconnell@darlington.k12.sc.us), telephone (843-398-5088), or via the Remind App (code is based on which class period your student has art: @123Art1, @123Art2, @123Art4, @123Art5, or @123Art7). 

Link to drawing in One-Point Perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OxjO9gUqbw&t=11s 

For access to a digital copy of the Artist Research Presentation, select this document: Artist Research Presentation.pdf

For a list of artists to choose from for the Artist Research Presentation, select this document: 144Artists.pdf