About Art
If you have any questions or concerns about your child's grades, please do not hesitate to contact me! All assignments are listed in PowerSchool, along with comments, indicators (missing, exempt, late, incomplete, absent), and explanations. Documents explaining how I grade assignments can be found below.

PowerPoint with Daily Assignments & Expectations: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PkDeBDGyyy7DbEErgyO7rKGffd4qIpTRoZeAJJ-G768/edit?usp=sharing

For information on how I grade your student's individual projects in art, select this document: Project(s) Rubric.pdf

For information on how your student's overall grade is calculated in art, select this document: Grading.pdf

To know your student's current overall grade and what s/he earned for each assignment, please log into PowerSchool. Missing, incomplete, or late assignments will have an indicator present. Some assignments may have a comment attached to the score.

For questions, issues, comments, concerns, or clarifications, you may reach me by e-mail (nena.mcconnell@darlington.k12.sc.us), telephone (843-398-5088), or via the Remind App (code is based on which class period your student has art):
First Period @123Art1b
Second Period @123Art2b
Fourth Period @123Art4b
Fifth Period @123Art5b
Seventh Period @123Art7b 

Directions on how to set-up your Remind Account can be found here: Directions to add Remind.pdf
*Items on this form highlighted with purple should be adjusted, based on what period your student attends art, as listed above

Link to Project Resources: Click Here