Dennis Etman-6th Grade

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Etman

Dennis Etman

Hey, there!
I am the lucky guy that gets to share world history with your children. I am so excited about all that is ahead of us this year. We will be covering everything from the dawn of civilization up through the start of the Age of Exploration. We will be making stops in Egypt, China, India, Rome, Greece and soooo very many other great places. It should be a great ride. 
A lot of what we will be covering will be brand new topics and concepts to our students. That being said please encourage them to stay on top of their assignments which will usually include at least one homework, a quiz or test and various classwork assignments each week and these should be available, along with the topics we will be covering here on my page. If a student must miss time please also help  them follow through on getting caught up. Together we can have a great and successful year and I thank you in advance for your support.
Mr. Etman