Review Stations

Find and follow the directions for each station below. 

Station 1: Layers of the Earth

Go to this website ( put in the following code: 107065

Station 2: Plate Boundaries

Complete the Plate Boundaries worksheet
Use this link if you need help:

Station 3: Volcanoes
Fill out your sheet after you Watch this video

Why does the news anchor refer to the molten rock as Lava and not Magma?
What type of rocks would most likely be found near the volcano?
What are the 3 places where volcanoes can form?

Station 4: Earthquakes
Read the article at this link and answer the questions on your sheet. 
1. What does the term “epicenter” mean?
2. Where was the epicenter of the earthquake described in the article?
3. What were some of the effects reported by this earthquake?
4. Why do earthquake tremors on the East Coast travel farther than those on the West Coast?
5. What’s one tip for staying safe in an earthquake?

Station 5: Weathering, Erosion, Deposition
Complete the Cut + Paste worksheet on Weathering, Erosion and Deposition

Station 6: The Rock Cycle

1. Answer the questions about the rock cycle at this website and record the CORRECT answers for each one on your worksheet.             

2. Continue to the Final Chapter and take the 15 question quiz. Once you finish, go over your results and write down two questions you got wrong with their CORRECT answers on your sheet.
*****If you got 100%, pick two questions that challenged you and explain how you figured them out (NOT "I just guessed").

Station 7: Natural Resources

Complete the station worksheet on Natural Resources