Class Syllabus





Eighth grade science covers a lot of the essential information about a variety of topics, ranging from forces and motion to the earth and its position in our solar system. We will also zoom into Earth and explore its physical layers, its diversity of life, its systems and resources, and the roles that each layer plays in our daily lives. Science is all around us and this year we will apply what is learned in the classroom to real life situations. Through daily hands-on exploration and discovery, students will develop heightened critical thinking skills and be able to defend their beliefs in a scientific and professional manner. While continuing to develop strong academic skills we will be working to exemplify our school motto MAKING MAGIC THROUGH CAP (Commitment, Attitude, and Pride). As eighth grade students, we as a class will take control and ownership of our learning while continuing to build on our inner motivations and ambition.

Our classroom theme is: TEAM

Our Motto: “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

In preparation for high school, students will live this mindset as they work together to achieve goals. From using their investigative skills to discover the concepts we are learning to making sure their individual work and behavior habits are consistently matching expectations, students will take charge of their own learning and classroom experience.


Classroom Materials – NEEDED by Friday, August 19th

  1. One, 1 ½” three-ring binder  à

    *All papers will be hole-punched for students. A 2-pocket folder is NOT enough to keep organized in this class. PLEASE have a parent/guardian see me, call me or email me if getting a binder will be an issue.

  2. One package of loose-leaf paper (to be put in the binder)
  3. 5 dividers labeled as follows:

    Falcon Focus, Glossary, Notes, Homework, Labs

  4. Pencils and pens
  5. Scissors and glue stick(s)


Assessment Plan

All of the following assignments/tests/quizzes will make up your final grade.

Homework     10%

Quizzes           15%

Projects          10%

Classwork       30%

Tests               35%


Tests will only be given on Thursdays, but quizzes can be given any day of the week.

Students will receive vocabulary words weekly and will be quizzed on them every Friday.

Test Re-Takes:
If a student wishes to retake a test, they must fill out a “Request to Re-test” form, get it signed by a parent or guardian and return it to me no later than the following Monday morning.

All retests will be given on the Monday following the test. If a student fails two re-tests, they will no longer be approved to retake tests.


Grading Scale

A (100-90)    B (89-80)       C (79-70)       D (69-60)      F (59 and below)


Science Binder

Every TEAM has a playbook that they study and practice in order to win games. Your playbook is your Science Binder. All students are expected to keep their binder organized for the entire year and they will be checked. This year all science classes will be structured around student exploration and discovery. Much of the content will be discovered by students through labs and other activities instead of given to them through traditional notes, which is why it is extremely important for students to keep ALL papers relevant to class (including classwork, homework, and labs) in their binders.


            All great TEAMS practice…A LOT! Homework has a specific purpose for our team to practice what we’ve learned. In order to be at your absolute best, you must complete all homework when it is assigned. Any cheating or copying will be an automatic failing grade for all students involved without an opportunity to make it up.

Homework will be due the day after it is assigned unless I tell the class differently.

Late Work: I will accept late work up to the SECOND FRIDAY after the assignment was due. All late work will automatically lose 10% off the grade students earn

ALL assignment due dates will be posted on the classroom calendar IN CLASS.

An example homework calendar is below.


*NO assignments will be accepted after their LATE due date. If a student wishes to make up an assignment after its LATE due date, they will only be able to do so by attending a tutoring session with me and completing the assignment there.

(My tutoring day is still being decided, but will take place from 4pm-5pm after school.)


Make-up Work

Your table team will be responsible for placing any work you missed in your personal folder. On the day you return from being absent it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check your work folder, collect the work you missed, and complete it within 5 school days for full credit. If not completed within 5 school days, you may turn it in before it’s LATE due date for a late grade.  

Ex: If you are absent on Monday and return Tuesday, your work must be turned in by the following Tuesday to receive full credit.


Discipline Policy

            In order for class to run smoothly, all students are expected to follow all classroom rules and procedures at all times. The first time this does not happen, the student will be verbally warned. If they continue to choose not to follow rules and procedures a second time, the student will be given a reflection sheet that will be completed and sent home for a parent/guardian to sign. If this sheet is not completed and signed OR if the student receives 2 reflection sheets in one week, a parent/guardian will be contacted by phone and the student will receive a strike and detention.


If you have questions/concerns please let me know! We are going to have an amazing year!!