Class Notes
Layers of the Earth - Notes (8/24)
Layers of the Earth - PowerPoint (8/24)

Plate Tectonics - Notes (8/30)
Plate Tectonics - PowerPoint (8/30)
Continental Drift - Continent answers (for notes)
Plate Boundary Notes - (8/31)
Plate Boundary PowerPoint - (8/31-9/1)
Volcano Notes - (9/06)
Volcano PowerPoint - (9/06)
Earthquake Notes - (9/12)
Earthquake PowerPoint - (9/12)
Volcano Brochure Article + Rubric - (9/15)
Seismograph Analysis + Epicenter Location (9/19)
Seismic Waves + Triangulation Notes (9/19)
Seismic Waves + Triangulation PPT (9/19)
Weathering, Erosion, Deposition Notes (9/23)
Weathering, Erosion, Deposition PPT (9/23)
Rock Types Notes (9/27)
Rock Types PowerPoint (9/27)
Minerals, Ores, Fossil Fuels Research Notes (9/30)
Earth's Natural Resources Notes (10/4)
Earth's Natural Resources PowerPoint (10/4)

Galaxies Notes (10/25)
Galaxies PowerPoint (10/25)
The Universe: Big Bang in 10 Steps (link for 10/27)
How the Universe was Formed (picture 1)
How the Universe was Formed (picture 2)
Space Rocks Notes (from presentations) 1
Space Rocks Notes (from presentations) 2
Surface Features of the Sun Powerpoint (11/15)
Surface Features of the Sun Notes (11/15)
Seasons and Tilt Notes
Seasons and Tilt Powerpoint
Rotation vs. Revolution Notes
Phases of the Moon Notes (11/29)
Phases of the Moon Powerpoint (11/29)
Tides and Eclipses PowerPoint
Tides and Eclipses Notes
Mass and Gravity Notes (12/06)
Mass and Gravity PowerPoint (12/06)
Modern Technology Notes (12/13)
Modern Technology Powerpoint (12/13)

Force, Mass, Speed Notes
Gravity and Friction Notes
Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
Newton's Laws Notes
Speed and Velocity Notes
Intro to Waves Notes
Wave Properties Notes
Wave Behavior Notes
Electromagnetic Spectrum/Eye Notes

Relative Age of Rocks
Fossil Types 
Geologic Time Scale
Is Everything a Fossil
Environmental Affects 
Natural vs. Man-Made Extinctions

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