Useful Links



Here you can find links to useful websites that we use during class or related to topics that we cover in class.

South Carolina Alliance for Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance-(SCAPHERD)
The mission of SCAPHERD is to promote health, physical activity, & wellness among the state's citizens through effective leadership, professional development, education, & advocacy.

FITNESSGRAM-This website can be useful to find info on how your student is tested for their overall health in PE and not athletic ability. Every student is tested at Darlington Middle and you can find out how well your son/daughter compares to the national standards.

Teens Health-I use this website often during Health class and also offers a safe, private place to get information about health, growth, and emotions.

Alliance for A Healthier Generation-This is a joint venture between the American Heart Association & Clinton Foundation with a mission to solve childhood obesity.