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Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Justin Shaw


Hello my name is Coach Shaw and I am looking forward to working with all the young people at Darligton Middle. I will be teaching boys and girls P.E./Health for 7th grade. My belief concerning physical education in the school setting is that physical education is just as important as the other subjects that students are taught in education. It has been proven that physical education helps with learning in all areas of the curriculum.Physical education is just one part of the entire learning process.Physical education also helps develop skills that can be used in teaching and learning skills that will help students develop life so they can participate in life-long physical activities. Hopefully these skills and life-long physical activities will help promote a healthy lifestyle. Physical education should be fun for all students and my role as the teacher is to find multiple means to motivate students to participate and various teaching methods that address a variety of learning styles. Physical education offers opportunities through team sports for students to interact with each other. This interaction helps to develop social skills between the students and a sense of belonging as they work as team members. I also feel that as the physical education instructor I must be a role model for my students. I do that by including discussions on positive life styles through physical education in a manner that promotes the well being of the student both physically and mentally. It is my hope that my students will leave my class with a desire to pursue a lifetime of physical fitness. I can be contacted at any time for any further questions or information. My email is and can be contacted by phone at (843)-398-3418. Leave a message and I will be sure to return your phone call. Please feel free to browse my calendar for upcoming assignments and classwork.You may also visit my other colleagues pages to learn more about the physical education department at Darlington Middle.