Ms. Ellis Rogers-7th Grade

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Mrs. Ellis Rogers


Room: 208

Classroom  (7:30 am - 4:00 pm) 

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Social studies in the seventh grade is a continuation of the material covered in sixth grade. Students will focus on world cultures and changes that have occurred from 1600’s to the present. Students will be covering almost 500 years of history. This might seem very overwhelming, however with different learning strategies it becomes very exciting. Students will began to develop critical thinking skills and broaden their perspectives on the world. Attached are the South Carolina State Standards that will be covered this year.


Each student’s grade will be determined by the following weighted categories

Homework……………………. 10%

Classwork……………………. 20%




Students will have homework most nights of the week. Homework for the entire week will be assigned on Mondays and will be due on Fridays at the beginning of class. Test and quiz will be on Fridays. Vocabulary quizzes will be on Thursdays.

Grading Scale:

A (100-90)      B (89-80)                    C (79-70)                    D (69-60)         F (59-below)

Make-up Work:

Students will have five days to make up missed work and are responsible for seeking out the work and turning it in. Upon returning to school students should check their class’s folder in the missed work bin, and make contact with the teacher.  All work is due within five school days of their return. 

It is essential that all homework be completed and turned in on time. Each Monday, students will receive a Homework Sheet listing all assignment for the upcoming week. Parents can help their students at home by asking to see that sheet, by reinforcing the importance of these assignments, and holding their student accountable for completing them. Homework will be posted on the board in the classroom for the entire week as well as on my school website. It is your child's responsibility to write down homework and keep track of assignments. Homework assignments with no name will receive no credit. 

Binder : optional  style notebooks 

Students will be required to keep an interactive notebook. This notebook needs to be brought to class everyday as a part of class their participation grade.  This notebook will be used to take class notes. the notebook will be counted as a grade.

Class Expectations:

To keep an orderly classroom with a positive learning environment I ask all students to follow the following expectations:

  1. Raise your hand to ask/answer questions
  2. Be respectful and nice to everyone
  3. Bring all materials to class everyday
  4. Participate and ask questions
  5. Stay in your seat


  1. Warning
  2. Silent Lunch
  3. Parental Contact 
  4. Office Referral

Class Procedures:

  1. Entering the classroom- Students will enter the room quietly and place all homework assignments in the Turn-in Bin before the bell rings. 
  1. Exiting the classroom- The teacher will dismiss the students not the bell. Before exiting the class students will return all materials and make sure that their work area is tidy.
  2. Moving around the classroom- During various class assignments students will be required to move around and work with others. Students are not allowed to move from their assigned seat without the permission of the teacher.
  3. Bathroom- Students will be given a bathroom break at the beginning of third period and right after lunch at the end of fifth period.
  4. Turning in assignments-All students will turn in an assignment, even if they did not complete it. phone call home after three no homework days.


Extra Credit:

Extra credit opportunities are sometimes, but not always, offered. They will be given sporadically around the year.




Remind 101:

Remind 101 is a free and safe way for me to text parents and students.  Parents and students can download the free Remind 101 app or just text @b6a7dh to the number 81010 to receive text messages from me.  You will not receive no more than four remind messages a week.

Classroom Supply List:

  • A pack of dividers
  • 1 pack of pens(black) and pencils
  • 2 packs of lined index card 3X5
  • 2 composition notebooks
  • Two pocket folders 
  • 1 pack of color pencils
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Highlighters
  • Scissors
  • Several glue sticks and tape

Classroom Wish List:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissue
  • Pack of printer paper
  • Construction paper