Miller Thompson - 8th Grade

Hello, Falcon Families!

I could not be more excited to have the honor of teaching at Darlington Middle.  The staff here is incredible and the students are a pleasure to work with.  I hope our classroom continues to be a place where our students can be challenged and enjoy themselves at the same time.

I am a member of the Clemson University Class of 2016 and was born and raised in South Carolina.  I grew up in Edgefield and now reside in Hartsville.  Education has become a passion of mine over the last several years and I'm eager to learn as much as I can.  I am not very far removed from the experience of being a student sitting in classrooms just like mine, and I try to let my experiences as a student inform my work as a teacher.  Our students are my number one priority and I'm striving to be the best resource I can to them in order to help them grow as  the successful students I know they all are and can be.

On these pages, you'll find various resources to assist both parents and students with homework assignments and math in general.  Please feel free to reach out with any comments to help me improve this website to make it as useful as possible.

Peace and blessings,
Mr. Thompson